Sustainable Practices: From Principles to Implementation

Whether it is sourcing reclaimed materials, working with FSC certified material, or pursuing LEED and Net Zero Energy certifications, we carry a level of commitment that extends beyond the project to the community and the environment. As a project progresses, we bring this commitment and knowledge to bear in guiding the building process toward greater sustainability.


Durability and sustainability have much in common. Throughout our several decades of construction, we have pursued an unwavering commitment to quality that has resulted in structures that will stand the test of time—a hallmark of our work that minimizes environmental impact and increases sustainability.

Energy Efficiency

We have always taken a forward-thinking approach to home heating and cooling, and continue to stay on the forefront of energy-efficient technology and building practices. From the super high-efficiency of heat pump technology to low-emissivity windows to insulated structural slabs, we look for every opportunity to make your home as efficient as it is comfortable.

Material Sourcing

New barn with reclaimed siding and roofing blends with country setting
New barn with reclaimed siding and roofing blends with country setting

Where and when possible, we will source, or offer as an option, lumber that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Materials are ordered with an eye to minimizing waste, and our crews are trained to use and recycle materials responsibly. We have several excellent sources for reclaimed lumber, including our primary local door manufacturer who offers a line of doors constructed from recycled stock.


Indoor Air Quality

Green building is healthy building, and healthy buildings make for healthy inhabitants. We take indoor air quality seriously, and are always happy to discuss low-VOC paints and finishes, natural floor coverings, plant-based insulation, and heat recovery ventilators that allow for exchanges of fresh air without compromising building efficiencies.


We offer a Build It Green™ review as a way to work through products or techniques that might add efficiency, economy, or sustainability to your project. To see a sample click here. When brought in early, we can also help define sustainable building goals during the design phase of a project, which in turn can help to fast-track planning approvals and make for more seamless integration of green materials and systems.